Launched in 2012, our software has provided a quick and easy way for businesses to create and manage mobile websites and apps. In late 2015, we introduced new mobile-editing capabilities in order to empower small business owners to manage their companies’ mobile presence directly from their smartphones.

“Advice Mobile editing fits directly in with the hustle and bustle of small business today, because it can be done in seconds from anywhere,” Co-Founder EJ Archuleta explains.

Now, with the addition of desktop websites, Advice Mobile is helping small businesses streamline their web and mobile presence, encouraging brand continuity and an integrated user experience.

Mobile Website

Why: Not only has mobile digital media time surpassed desktop (51% to 42%, respectively), but according to Google, the world’s largest search engine, any business still not mobile-optimized will be required to build mobile into their 2016 marketing strategy or risk serious SEO ramifications.

What: With a Advice Mobile mobile website, you’ll benefit from structured data, Push-to-Call, Push-for-Directions, advanced analytics and reporting, and more. Our mobile websites offer new functionality to shoppers on-the-go using mobile-only features. These mobile websites also sync with Eventbrite for event management, social media for social sharing, and allow photo and video uploads from any device.

Mobile App

Why: With 82% of mobile media time spent in apps and app indexing increasing visibility and downloads, the number of apps offered in 2016 will continue to climb. Now is the time to get ahead of the trend – and competitors.

What: Advice Mobile mobile apps offer businesses a unique and personalized method for connecting with customers through rich push notifications, analytics, and data aggregation to boost SEO. And with real-time mobile editing, small business owners can easily update content from any device offering the most relevant user experience.

Desktop Website

Why: By now, the majority of businesses understand and already have a desktop website (if you don’t, what are you waiting for?). However, designing your desktop website to complement your mobile website and mobile app – versus a stand-alone channel – will increase conversions, improve customer experience, and ensure the most effective marketing tactics across all channels.

What: Just as a Advice Mobile website is designed to cater to the mobile user, a Advice Mobile desktop website is designed to be most effective tool for the desktop consumer. Advice Mobile understands how the mobile and website user differ and, as a result, designs these channels according.


Advice Mobile prides itself on being an all-encompassing solution for “what a business really needs,” from mobile websites to mobile apps to desktop websites. To learn more or to get started, request a demo today.