Think about how you use your own mobile device. Likely, it’s your first point of initiation for web searches, emails, and social media. If you’re like the majority of mobile users, it directly influences your purchase decisions, is simultaneously used during another activity, and is most frequently accessed for real-time or urgent information and when you’re just plain bored.

In today’s “mobile-first” era, where the mobile user experience is primary rather than the afterthought, the way customers interact with businesses has evolved, and businesses must embrace mobile marketing to remain relevant and competitive.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

At present, there are 1.75 billion smartphones in the world – nearly 25% of the global population – providing a direct and constant line of access to customers. And with mobile traffic steadily increasing since 2013, marketers project total mobile traffic to surpass desktop traffic by the end of this year.

Simply put: If your website is not mobile-optimized, your message is not being successfully delivered and you are losing customers and sales.

Mobile Apps

Similar to mobile-friendly websites, mobile apps are vital to a company’s brand awareness, loyalty, and e-commerce. Mobile app traffic is climbing, accounting for 7 out of every 8 minutes of digital media consumption on mobile devices.

Because mobile app traffic is healthy and increasing, over 50% of U.S. businesses already offer their customers a transactional mobile app. According to a recent study by Usablenet, these mobile app users behave accordingly:

  • 4 in 5 have used a business’s mobile app.
  • 1 in 4 shop on the mobile app on a weekly basis.
  • 1 in 2 app users turn to these apps to help make purchase decisions.

The need for mobile is clear.

Having passed the tipping point in favor of mobile, the need for an optimized mobile user experience is guaranteed. The question is no longer “why,” but how to effectively deploy a mobile-friendly website or create a functional mobile app.

Enter Advice Mobile.

Advice Mobile is a business software solution that creates and manages mobile sites and apps on all devices, including your iOS and Android smartphone.

We build your mobile site or app, so you don’t have to. We connect you with your mobile audience to help you improve customer service, increase sales and be competitive in market.

We know how to effectively build a mobile-friendly website that:

  • Addresses the way mobile users interact with their mobile device differently than their desktop.
  • Builds stronger brand engagement by offering a functional and consistent mobile site accessible to your mobile users on the go.
  • Decreases your mobile bounce rate to retain your customer longer and drive sales among mobile users, who convert 160% more often on mobile-optimized websites.

We’ve got you covered with mobile app development too. We build robust mobile apps that:

  • Respect the way mobile app users interact with platform conventions and appropriately create a compatible user interface to match.
  • Are clear and easy to navigate, creating a better user experience and purchase process.
  • Allow you to provide real-time and urgent information through your mobile app with corrections and updates easily made through mobile editing and push notifications.