Driving mobile app downloads is an important aspect of any post-launch marketing campaign. An effective method for doing so is generating buzz by calling media attention to your app with a press release.

By issuing a press release for your mobile app, you are not only making the job easier for any journalists, bloggers and influencers who choose to cover your app – thus increasing the likelihood of securing this coverage – but, with an effective press release, you are also able to control the initial perception of your new mobile app.

Before beginning any press release, do preliminary keyword research to discover which keywords to incorporate into the release. This SEO best practice increases the likelihood of your release appearing in organic search results and publisher inclination for covering releases that drive traffic to their own sites.

Next, decide when to distribute your press release. To generate buzz on launch day, you may choose to issue press releases that are “Under Embargo Until” or “Hold For Release Until” a specific date. These releases are sent prior to launch to allow publishers to create time-sensitive content for a specific launch date. However, be aware that while this “gentlemen’s agreement” should keep the releases at bay until preferred, some publishers will disregard the embargo. Be sure to also mention it in your email.

You may also issue press releases “For Immediate Release” on launch day. These will likely not be released same-day, but give you more control over preventing premature releases.

At the top of your press release, include your app name and icon. Next, include your desired release date, as mentioned above, before your headline.

Your headline should be factual and descriptive of the full release, but if possible, focus on a newsworthy feature of your mobile app. The optional subhead, or summary line, allows you to elaborate on your headline before beginning the full release. A subhead can be helpful in expanding a headline that may otherwise be too long.

Before the body of your press release, include “City, State/Country – Month Day, Year.”

An effective press release is short and concise, always remains factual and focuses on the unique and newsworthy aspects of the mobile app. Resist using buzzwords or marketing adjectives, like “great” or “excellent.”

The goal of your press release is to generate awareness among your target audience, so outline who this group is in the introduction paragraph. Include 2-3 summary sentences about the overall goal of your mobile app as well.

In the press release body, also focus on what your app actually does and why your target audience should be interested. When outlining features of your mobile app, instead of simply listing every feature, focus on the distinctive features that make your app stand out among competitors. These points can be bullet formatted or written in paragraphs. Also include pricing and availability information for your mobile app in the body of the release.

Remember to link to your app in the App Store throughout the body of your release. Also remember to include your app’s release date towards the beginning of the release.

At the end of the body of the press release, include a strong information paragraph, or boilerplate, about your company, including your website URL and press kit URL, if available. Also include the contact information for the media’s point of contact.

If your press release is longer than a single page, insert “-MORE-“ at the bottom of each page and signal the end of the full release with “###” centered on the page. Keep paragraphs short, consisting of only a few sentences at a time, and pay attention to how “scan-worthy” your release will be to inundated publishers.

Finally, insert the text-only press release in the body of your personalized email to the journalist, blogger or influencer, and save the PDF file for your press kit.

Securing media coverage of your app is a difficult task with a lot of competition. By issuing a correctly formatted and interesting, but honest release, you increase your chances of publishers covering your mobile app and reaching your target audience to drive app downloads.