If you’ve built a mobile app with Advice Mobile, you’ve used data aggregation to increase sales and encourage customer loyalty. With “SEO Boost,” you automatically received business data management through a consistent monthly submission, local reach partner submission, and navigation partners submission. This data management helped you get discovered by your customers wherever they were searching – at home, at work and even in the car.

We include SEO Boost Data Aggregation at both our “Plus” and “Premium” levels. But we understand that, even if its included in your subscription, it can still be difficult to understand what data aggregation is and how it helps your business online.

What is Data Aggregation?

Data aggregation gathers information about your business that may not be readily available and displays it in search results for your customers to view. With data aggregation, you are able to provide high-value business data in search results, so the right customer finds you in the right place at the right time wherever he or she is searching.

Data aggregation helps you manage your local listings and brand visibility in three core fashions: keeping information correct and current, managing your brand, and distributing your listing to millions of customers.

Keep Information Correct and Current

Data aggregation ensures that all of your business listings are accurate and up-to-date. This means your basic information, like name, address, phone number and website, appear as you want them to and any changes are published in a timely manner. With data aggregation, you can also add, delete or update location information seamlessly.

Brand Management

Using real-time information made possible by data aggregation, you can more effectively manage your online brand to ensure that customers are always receiving the best, most complete information possible.

Using data aggregation, you can provide your customers with rich, category specific content to drive sales and increase search visibility. In addition to general data points like those mentioned above, you could also include in-depth data such as hours of operation, menu information, keywords, and social media links.


Data aggregation distributes your business listing, on your behalf, to a vast network of local search sites, navigation devices, mobile apps, directory assistance services, and all of the leading Internet Yellow Page sites reaching millions of consumers. This broad distribution helps you get found wherever your customers are searching without you having to do a thing!

With data aggregation, you can easily manage your business listing accuracy, increase search visibility through clear and consistent branding, and promote your business to millions of customers across the Internet. This data management helps your customers find the correct information online, increasing sales and encouraging brand loyalty.

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