While attracting new customers remains a priority for small businesses, a greater priority is often increasing your number of repeat customers who drive revenue. And while increasing your number of mobile app downloads is important, it’s even more important not to lose focus on your existing user base.

Customers who have already downloaded your mobile app know your business and feel a connection to it. Nurture this relationship to create brand loyalty and encourage customer retention.

Use these 5 tips to keep your mobile app users engaged by giving them a reason to return and reap the rewards of loyal repeat customers.

  1. Reward loyal customers with app-exclusive rewards.

An effective method for attracting new customers is to offer an incentive, like a discount or promotional code. But what about your most loyal clientele who already returns to your app regularly? Remember to reward these customers too!

Offer exclusive in-app discounts, coupons or promo codes to your most loyal customers to further highlight the value of your mobile app. Using the Advice Mobile app, you may reach these customers directly by sending a targeted push notification.

  1. Offer original content in your mobile app.

Mobile app users expect content they wouldn’t typically find on other channels, like your mobile website. Unfortunately, many small businesses believe they do not have the resources to create such content. However, this content may come in many low-cost formats, like blogs, videos, tips, images, memes or GIFs.

Encourage repeat customers by creating this content into a series. For example, hair salons may feature a “Hairstyle of the Week,” while clothing shops may offer a weekly “Celebrity Style Guide” featuring store products. Automotive companies may provide their customers with a weekly maintenance tip for maintaining their vehicles between services. And plumbing companies may offer weekly tutorial videos for simpler DIY plumbing techniques.

  1. Sync specials and promotions with holidays or relevant events.

Everyone feels more festive around the holidays! Take advantage of this cheerful spirit by offering celebratory specials and promotions.

In addition to traditional holidays, like Independence Day, Thanskgiving and Christmas, and retail holidays, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, incorporate other holidays and “National Days” into your marketing mix.

For example, a restaurant or bar may promote green beer to mobile app users for St. Patrick’s Day. And housecleaning companies may offer a coupon code or referral bonus on “National No Housework Day” (April 7th) or a pet grooming company may provide discounted grooming for app users’ pets leading up to “National Take Your Dog to Work Day” (June 26). Get creative and surprise your customers with impressive and fun shopping events!

  1. Prioritize customer service for app users.

Remaining reachable and providing stellar customer service is essential for business mobile apps. Be sure to prioritize this experience for app users by allowing easy access for contacting your business, maintaining a quick response rate and providing adequate solutions, when necessary.

The easiest way to facilitate this communication is to provide in-app feedback forms in order to exchange information with your customers. By providing your customers with a private way to share their concerns about your business, you’ll likely remove these comments from appearing on review websites or social media. You’ll also improve customer satisfaction and retain repeat customers who feel their concerns are being heard and addressed.

  1. Communicate in real-time using push notifications.

Use non-invasive push notifications to communicate with your customers in real-time. With a Advice Mobile app, you can engage repeat customers based on location and even send personalized images or videos with a unique Call-to-Action. Targeted push notifications are also handy for drawing attention back to your mobile app during low traffic times.

Repeat customers are critical to your success. Using your business mobile app, there are several ways to create and maintain meaningful relationships with your most loyal clientele.

How do you stay top-of-mind with these valuable clients by engaging them through your mobile app?