By now, you already know how mobile apps can help you run your small business more effectively. You’ve seen how using them can make noticeable differences in team organization, collaboration, and communication. They’ve even helped to add a little more “life” back to your work/life balance.

But what can mobile apps do for your bottom line? Can they improve your customer relationships? Help you better compete with other products and services? Absolutely!

Earlier this year, Clutch, a research firm focused on the technology, marketing, and digital industries, released a survey that found the top 3 reasons small businesses create mobile apps: to improve customer service, increase sales, and better compete in market.

Create and launch your own mobile app using the tips below to tap into these same successes.

To improve customer service.

  • Engage with your customers in real-time using two-way communication based on location, customer data, and profile information.
  • Encourage new and reward existing loyal customers by enabling a digital “Loyalty Card,” points or incentives program, or coupons within your mobile app.
  • Provide better customer support with live chat, SMS text, or automatic callback.
  • Create a space for loyal customers to return by including online communities, discussion forums, and a customer portal within your app.
  • Make your customer feel heard by providing customer feedback options in your mobile app, like customer surveys.

To increase sales.

  • Using geolocation, send personalized push notifications to engage nearby customers and encourage the likelihood of a sale.
  • Sync your spp with third party services, like Eventbrite, to sell event tickets directly from your mobile app.
  • Help customers shop more efficiently by showing availability and in-store location of products.
  • Make requesting an appointment easier by providing mobile scheduling options.
  • Give your customers the power to make on-the-go mobile purchases by facilitating a quick and easy mobile sales process.

To be competitive in market.

  • Increase visibility over your competitors by taking up valuable real estate on your customer’s mobile device.
  • Make finding your company’s information easier than ever, by including “Tap to Call” or “Tap for Directions” options.
  • Allow customers to easily share information on their favorite products or services with social sharing buttons.
  • Use profile information and customer data to track customer conversions, engagements, and interactions in your mobile app, increasing ROI.
  • Take price and product comparison into your own hands – your customers are looking for it anyways. Present the information in your mobile app, constructing it in a favorable way for your business.

These achievements are not mutually exclusive. By improving customer service, you’ll encourage more sales; therefore, making your business more competitive in market.

And with affordable mobile app builders, like Advice Mobile, creating and launching your mobile app has never been easier. What are you waiting for? Get started today.